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Bath Bombs & Essential oil safety in the bath


Many people use essential oil in the bath, unfortunately oil & water don’t mix and there are only a few ways to use essential oil in the bath safely.

The safest option is to add essential oil ( e.o ) to an unscented liquid soap/bubbles and then add the soap to the bath.  A great option for sore muscles is to mix the soap/ oil mix with 1/2 cup of epsom salts!

A popular option is adding essential oils to bath bombs which is fairly safe.  Be sure to add the essential oil to the coconut oil before mixing with other ingredients.  It’s important to calculate strength to make sure each bath bomb has the appropriate amount of e.o.

It is safe to use up to 10 drops of essential oil per bath for a healthy adult.  Some oils can cause severe skin irritation and some have a strong scent that can cause headaches, so 7-10 drops is ideal depending on oil.  Unfortunately most recipes I see online suggest too much oil which can cause many health issues such as raising or lowering blood pressure and causing contradictions with medications.  Unless careful consideration of oils properities is taken higher quantities are not recommended.

For children 5+ I recommend no more than 3-4 drops of oil per bath, please keep in mind there are many oils not suitable for children under 12.  Consult an aromatherapist for oil safety.

bath bombHere is a bath bomb recipe I use, which makes 6  bombs (I bought a clear plastic christmas ornament at Michael’s and use only 1/2 the ball which is 2 oz ).

If you want to make full round bath bombs please use only 1/2 the essential oil.

1 c. baking soda    +     1/2 c. epsom salt     +      1/2 c. citric acid

3 TB of melted coconut oil ( or fractionated coconut oil ) mixed with 50 drops (2.5 ml) of essential oil.

Add several drops of soap colorant or beet powder/spirulina!

Spray bottle of witch hazel – spritz the mixture until you can mould the product in your hand.  The texture will resemble wet sand, don’t add too much or the citric acid will cause the bombs to grow and get fizzy when drying.

Pack in the mixture really tight and let sit for 1 hour before removing them from moulds.


I will be posting many more DIY creations and journey of becoming a certified aromatherapist, please check back regularly 🙂 I recently did a post for lotion bars, check it out 🙂


xo Amanda


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