Lavender + Rose Hydrosol


60ml Fine Mist Spray.

Hydrosols are produced by distilling botanical material and they are water soluble.

This “water” is the safest option for children & animals.  Hydrosols have a “greener” scent and can be quite different than the essential oil.

These hydrosols are 100% pure with no preservatives, no additives.  Keep hydrosols away from heat, consider storing in the fridge. Over time hydrosols’ will loose strength and a cloudy haze appears when it has expired. Expired hydrosol could be used in a diffuser as a base for your essential oils.

Lavender hydrosol has a very green scent while the Rose hydrosol sweetens and balances the blend.

Lavender Hydrosol is suitable for all skin types as a toner, cooling in summer’s heat, soothing sunburns & skin irritations.  Lavender hydrosol is a wonderful linen spray to be used before bedtime.

Rose Hydrosol is wonderful in homemade skin care products. It can be used by itself as a toner or a water substitute for face masks. Rosewater is useful for both dry and oily skin, it can balance and restore the skin’s PH and helps tighten pores. Its antibacterial properties gives skin a gentle way to help fight acne. Rose Hydrosol is a wonderful woman’s tool for healing, calming stress & balancing emotions.




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