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Lotion Bars


I am loving my lotion bars, they are firm yet soften once rubbed in your hands.  I think they are absolutely perfect for feet & elbows.

I sell these awesome mini bars for $4 each for those not intestered in doing DIY projects.  If you live near Milton, Ont. and want some let me know 🙂  My recipe is made with all organic ingredients and my favourite essential oil (actually a resin) for dry/ cracked skin – Benzoin!  I would describe the scent as nutty & vanilla, my husband says they smell and look like white chocolate fudge. * Not safe for eating* 😉

This lotion bar recipe includes beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil & essential oil.

Melt together 2 oz of beeswax pellets, 2 oz of shea butter, 3 TB of coconut oil.  Optional add 1 ml (22 drops) essential oil before pouring liquid into moulds.  Let melted ingredients cool slightly before adding essential oil.

This recipe will make 6 mini lotion bars. I prefer to make mini bars because of the lack of preservatives in these bars it’s safer to make in small batches.

Make sure your hands are clean to avoid the spread of germs when applying lotion!

diy lotion bar

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